Christian Philosophy its Past, Present and Future

We are happy to announce that Institute of Philosophy of Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow decided to organize an international conference dedicated to the problems of Christian Philosophy entitled: Christian Philosophy: its Past, Present and Future. It will take place in Kraków, Poland on September 22–24, 2020.

The conference is addressed to the representatives of Christian Philosophy, and researchers who are inspired by it. Two thousand years ago, when Christianity encountered Greek and Roman philosophy, Christian thought was born. This encounter, as John Paul II noticed (Fides et ratio, IV.38), was “neither straight-forward nor immediate”. It was also based on the presupposition that synthesis of faith and reason is not only possible, more so, necessary. Many contemporary thinkers, even if they not declare themselves as Christians or religious believers, who examine philosophical problems and search the truth, seem to be open to this mystery, which is experienced by faith.

Main problems and questions worth considering:

  • What is a Christian Philosophy?
  • Methods of practicing Christian Philosophy
  • Faith & Reason – how this relationship was understood throughout the ages and how should we understand it today?
  • Interaction of Christian Philosophy with different paradigms of philosophy and religions
  • Great Christian Philosophers
  • Can Christianity provide a creative inspiration to solve the problems of philosophy?

In our University we develop Christian Philosophy since 1867—so we participate in a long and rich tradition of reflection in the Christian context. We would like to continue and develop this tradition together with the philosophers from all over the world. During the conference we will also present the results of our four-year research project, funded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and called “Polish Christian philosophy in the twentieth century.” ( The majority of the researchers engaged in this project will also be present.