The conference is organized by the Institute of Philosophy of Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow. Christian Philosophy is being developed here since 1867—therefore, our Institute participates in long and rich tradition of philosophizing in the context of Christianity.

Ignatianum is the only Jesuit university in Poland and one of only four Catholic universities in the whole country, made up of 38 million citizens. It was founded in 1989, right after the overthrow of the communism regime by the Solidarity movement (Solidarność), when hitherto banned Catholic education reemerged. The University is located very close to the old town of Krakow, the previous capital and historical center of the country, inhabited by 750 000 people. More information: https://www.ignatianum.edu.pl.

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Scientific Committee

Piotr Mazur (Jesuit University Ignatianum)

Josef Quitterer (University of Innsbruck, Austria),
Brian Besong (Ohio Dominican University, USA),
Piotr Duchliński (Jesuit University Ignatianum),
Jad Hatem (St. Joseph University, Liban),
Tomasz Homa SJ (Jesuit University Ignatianum),
Berthold Wald (Theologische Fakultät Paderborn, Germany),
Adam Jonkisz (Jesuit University Ignatianum).

Organizing Committee

Jarosław Kucharski (Jesuit University Ignatianum)

Conference Secretary
Jakub Pruś (Jesuit University Ignatianum)

Jacek Poznański SJ (Jesuit University Ignatianum)


e-mail: christianphilosophy2020@ignatianum.edu.pl